Wednesday, August 16, 2006

almost done...

the IWM will be done in a few days. its ok but i feel good here now. i mean, who would like to go home and be welcomed by "final examination" of a class you don't know what to answer. hay...

my only goal right now is to finish my chem assignment, i hope i'll do good on it, at least. my mom is reading me and my dad some article right now. my dad's asleep and i'm typing!!! ahahahah, rude!!! there's nothing much that had happened. well we had a banquet last night. it was ok, i'll try to post some pics if i have time.

gotta go now, i really need to finish my chem assignment.

je be s'exciter sur etat foyer!!! hahahah!!! i hope the grammar's right!!!

Monday, August 07, 2006


i'm now here in nairobi. we are having mission institute. it's ok, i guess. but i'm so bored in here!!! i mean, terribly bored. i'm kinda ok now, not as bad as last week. i can breathe easier and my cough is not that hard anymore. i mean, i'm not barking anymore.

ok, new stuff...
my bro got his green card already. i think that is totally cool
my cam's broken (i think this is an old story, i'm so stupid i banged it on the car door!!!!)
i'm taking chem 3, which i'm not attending for 3 weeks, what about that
i'm not taking marine bio coz i'm going somewhere this coming september
my GPA's ok, i mean i can still get the magna award...
91 credits left, and i'll be graduating!!! walah!!!

one of our instructors here in IWM kept on telling me to apply for medschool in LLU. i'm happy for his persistence in telling me, or actually teasing "LOMA LINDA, LOMA LINDA"!!! ahahahaha. i guess i'll try to ask about it when i go to the US. i'm really focused onto being a real life missionary. i want to go to sudan and help all those people there, you know.

i miss food that i buy in thailand. i miss barbequed chicken wings, beef noodles, khao pat khai/gai, pringles from lotus, oreo from lotus, kfc, sizzlers, i even miss MC caf food!!! imagine that, that's how desperate i am!!! ahahahah!!! let me see, i also miss buying mp3 cd's in pantip, shopping in pratunam and going to MBK!!! i definitely don't miss buying dvd's though. dvd here is cheaper, i mean way cheaper!! imagine, you buy 10 movies for 350 shillings, which is way cheaper than baht!!! aiyah!!! love to buy movies here

i'll update laterz. i'll now go to sleep and snore!!! ahahah

Sunday, August 06, 2006


ok, there's the moon behind my house

and here's the 2 toucas behind my hotel room in Uganda!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


life's the same

new quarter's on

have 16.5 credits and i'm lovin' my life right now!

thanks to sondang and joy for their emails, sondang thanks for the sms

still missin' mah friends

i'm a bit taller, lesser pimples, gained some fat but not weight

love people all over the world

thinking if i'll apply for a scholarship in Finland or in Union College in Nebraska

life's not reall messy but ok


Monday, March 20, 2006


i'll post pics later. my connection's freakin' stupid!!! shoot!!!!

i'm ok, final exam's finished!!! finally!!! got an A in Bio!!! hehehehehe!!!!

missing a lot of people!!!

oh, i got this from somewhere and its perfect for my situation right now

Single and Lovin' it!!!!
just foolin' around here in Bara!!! people are still people, cows are still cows and i don't think that would change
i as washing the rags in the bathtub when i slipped!!! i thanks God my head missed the side or else i'd be dead. my foot and my leg hurts, as well as my arm, but i finished washing the rags!!! isnt that perfect!!!
feeding this cutie cat, with green eyes and all that. if only i had a good connection i would post the cat's pic!!! oh well
its enrollment next week, new quarter comin up!!! yayayayayya
to all the people i haven't sent email to, sori i'm freaking busy and all messed up!!! i'll try to make it up to you guys!!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

that's our house!!! hehehe

in chinese dress...


i took this pic of a bird from our porch, i was close!!!

i'm ok...

life's ok...

studies are ok...

Damn, exam week next week!!! i hate it


i'm going out with my parents tomorrow, just to get out from this boring place makes my heart leap with joy


on saturday the bio club will go out, go to kakamega falls. i'll try to take pics there (with me n it)
i just did their logo. it was ok, i guess!!! hehehehe

missing all the people who i know, in special mention, MC peeps...

roll call, nah, no need!! you know who you are!!!

thanks to sondang, daron and tina for texting me, makes my heart melt!!! wahahahaha

i'll post more pics in the coming days...just wait and see!!! wallla!!!


some kiswahili words i know: asante sana (thank you), baryako (how are you)

i forgot how to say "i love you", its so dang hard!!! anyway, i'll try to take intro to french next quarter!!! yeah!!!

miss all the peeps in the world. belated happy bday to my bro, congratulations too coz u already got ur work permit!!!!

ok, gtg... i'm still alive, that's all that matters!!1

Saturday, February 11, 2006


hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!!!

rJ's aLivE!!! wahahahaahahahha!!! just messin'!!!

school's ok, i guess!! pissed with how the GP2 teaches!!! sucks man!!! hate it!!! if you're a teacher, you should teach and not let the students alone learn about the stuff you need to teach!!! dang!!!

weather: hot during noon but cold at other times. its summer here, they said, when its winter, its goes to 4 degrees celsius!!! bbbbrrrrrrr!!!!!

people: well, mostly black, what do you expect. some indians, 2 greek (i guess) ladies. mixed race of teachers, which is cool!!!

teachers: some are already stage 2 in having memory lapse!!! hahahahah!!! but hey, they are good compared to those who have good memory!!!! my "caucasian" teacher calls me a "white" kid!!! duhhhh!!! they think i'm straight from US of A!!! hahahahahha

animals: the school's filled with birds, noisy ones!!! zebras are on the road + gazelles + antelopes + baboons!!!

house: way bigger than my house in MC. my room's almost as big as my parents' room!!! whaahahahah!!! have my own dresser and this cool study table. the only things that sucks is the internet connection!!! arrrgggghhhh

what else?!?!?!!?!? uhmmm.... nothing interesting here!!!

but pretty happy and sad at the same time!!! why can't the world be all connected and all that? i hate world geography!!! arrrggghhh